The Kentucky Tobacco & Candy Association (KTCA) formed in 1972, is composed of wholesalers as regular members, manufacturers, brokers and other vendors to wholesalers as associate members. Our purpose is to seek improvement of the distribution industry in Kentucky and lend our strength nationally when possible.

Although comparatively small in numbers and budget to other state associations, KTCA has been one of the most active and effective associations in the country. Despite its size, the association has been able to maintain a very high profile in Frankfort and been successful in a number of court cases favorable to the industry.

KTCA is the only trade association devoted to protection of the wholesale distributor in Kentucky. We cooperate with the American Wholesale Marketing Association on the national level.

There is strength in numbers, consequently, companies doing business with wholesalers should consider membership in our association as the industry is "under fire" from many sides and needs all the help we can get to continue the fight.

Your membership in the KTCA will ensure continued success in our endeavors to promote candy and tobacco products in Kentucky.

Special announcement to membership

Ohio Valley Wholesale has merged with H. T. Hackney. Jim & Ed Glockner contact phone numbers will remain the same.

The objects and purposes of this association are as follows:

To lawfully promote the general business welfare of all persons, firms or corporations engaged in the business of distributing, marketing or selling tobacco, candy and related products at wholesale.

Our main goal is to band together to fight increases in cigarette and tobacco taxes as well as any legislation that affects our membership.

KTCA Established in 1972.
KTCA is a non-profit corporation chartered under laws of Kentucky. The Federal Internal Revenue Service classification for the Kentucky Tobacco and Candy Association is 501 (C) (6).
Federal Identification number is 23-7273119.

The Kentucky Tobacco & Candy Association
7014 Hughes Avenue, Crestwood, KY 40014

Phone: ((502) 243-9280 - Fax: (502) 243-9398


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